• #floodhack2016

    2nd and 3rd of April, 2016


Team 1 - Which Areas in Jakarta Are Most Vulnerability

Team 2 - Go! Flood

Team 3 - App For Flood Damage Mitigation

Team 4 - Mitigasi Banjir Melalui Mobile Application

Team 5 - AER Tools


Help reduce the impact of floods in Jakarta!

Use your elite skills as designer, developer, data visualiser, data journalist, community helper, disaster expert, or problem solver to reduce the impact of floods in Jakarta!


Few Words About the Hackfest

Every year flooding in Jakarta affects the lives of many thousands of people living in Jakarta. In order to reduce the impact of floods in Jakarta officials have numerous response procedures in place.

Can we use data and technology to provide better information to citizens to:

  • warn them of impending floods,
  • help them avoid flooded areas,
  • better deal with the flood when it is around them,
  • get out of flooded areas more effectively,
  • recover better after a flood, and
  • avoid being flooded in the future?

Hackfest Program


The focus of the event will be on hacking! We will include small sessions for guiding the activities of the hackfest - lightning presentations will inform you of useful tools and datasets that can be used to come up with the next great solution for reducing the impact of floods in Jakarta!

April 2, 2016
April 3, 2016
08:00 to 9:00 am
Registration and Team Assignments
by The flood hack team
Each person gets assigned to a team when they arrive e.g. team Thunder team Lightning etc. on a rotational basis so that the skills get mixed evenly between teams. We try to mix people from different organisations to encourage cross collaboration between skills and organisations.
09:30 to 10:00 am
FloodHack Briefing
by The flood hack team
We will give the participants an explanation of how the FloodHack will work. We will explain the milestones for the event and what we expect them to produce:
  • An application (web / desktop / mobile)
  • A presentation (e.g. powerpoint)
  • A dataset (e.g. some new interesting mashup of data from different sources)
10:00 to 10:30 am
FloodHack Marketplace
by Data and Application Specialists
A series of lightning talks to explain about data, APIs, or tools. Each data or tool provider will promote their dataset as a great resource to use.
10:30 to 12:00 am
Continue hacking
12:00 to 20:00 am
Continue hacking
20:00 to 20:30 pm
Door Prizes
by Everyone
We will hold a fun quiz with prizes!
09:00 to 09:15 am
How to give a good lightning talk
by The flood hack team
We will give some tips on how to give a good lightning talk so that you can make the best presentation of your work possible!
09:15 to 12:00 am
Polish and hack!
Wrapping up your work
Ok you have worked hard and made something beautiful. Time to make in your presentations for the presentation session.
13:00 to 14:00 pm
Team Presentations
by Team presenters
Presentations will be held in a lightning talk format. There will be a strict time limit of 5 minutes per presentation after which the presenter goes blank! So make sure to rehearse your presentation well and use the tips we give you in the lightning talk how-to session!
14:00 to 14:30 pm
Door Prizes
Last chance to take home some cool FloodHack swag!


  1. All participant will be split into several team (max 6 people) based on their roles
  2. Roles in each team:
    1. One team presenter / representative
    2. At least 1 designer / visualisation expert
    3. At least 1 data experts
    4. At least 1 developer
  3. The role is decided based on the registration data
  4. Participants can produce one of these project:
    1. An application (web / desktop / mobile)
    2. A presentation (e.g. powerpoint)
    3. A dataset (e.g. some new interesting mashup of data from different sources)
  5. All participant must open and publish their project (e.g. via github.com, slideshare.net, etc)
  6. All team must present their project in the end of FloodHack
  7. All participant must keep the FloodHack venue clean and tidy
  8. All participant must not disturb another participant, and follow http://hackcodeofconduct.org
  9. By participating the FloodHack, all participants agreed to give public license / creative common license for the project they have created
  10. Don’t forget to have fun

Contact Us

Where to go and who to contact

Ismail Sunni is the main point of contact for the flood hack event - please feel free to contact him should you have any questions.


BPBD Provinsi DKI Jakarta

Balaikota Blok H lantai 14, jalan Kebon Sirih 18 Jakarta Pusat, DKI Jakarta.


+ 62 813 2861 7492


Registration is free!

FloodHack is a community project to help reduce the impact of floods in Jakarta. We need you to register so that we can cater for enough people. Please let us know if you will know longer be able to make it so that we don't waste food.

  1. Registration and participation are free (travel expense is not covered)
  2. All participant must register per person here from 8 March 2016 to 28 March 2016
  3. There will be a selection for all registrants based on the registration’s input
  4. The selected participants will be announced and contacted on 29 March 2016
  5. Selected participants must give confirmation for attending the event.
  6. Selected participants who do not confirm or can’t attend the event, will be replaced by other registrants

Registration has been closed.

We will send email to all registrants, both selected and not selected. If you are selected, this email will also contains further information about the #FloodHack event. If you have registered and haven't got any email by 30 March 2016, please contact [email protected]

See you on the event.


There will be a lighting talks to explain about these API in the FloodHack event.


We are extremely grateful to our sponsors who have funded prizes and goodies for the participants. Thank you, thank you, thank you!